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Agriculture World: Special Issue: March

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Female population in individual countries ranged from 27% to 54% and in India it is 49.58%. 60-75% among the total is involved with various farming operations. Studies also show that 30, 3597 women from farm households have been suddenly left to fend for themselves, to manage the home and the farm. However when it comes to women farmers another kind of invisibilation occurs. It is high time we give them equality in this domain not just for reasons around poverty, food security etc., but because these are their rights too! 

To give special emphasis to “Women in Agriculture”, Agriculture World and Krishi Jagran is collaborating on bringing out the special edition in the month of March 2020 and the theme for the same is #EachforEqual Let us recognize the contribution of women to our food & farming systems” to uphold women farmers’ rights and ensure that their identity as farmers is ensured, and that their rights over resources are realized.  

We will be featuring #BoldWomenFarmers across the globe who inspires, who are resilient and who are silently contributing in all walks of life.. Without access to land and capital, women’s equality as agricultural producers would be far fledged dream to be realized in the Asian countries. “inclusive transformative agricultural policy” that should aim at gender-specific interventions to raise productivity of small farm holdings, integrate women as active agents in rural transformation, and engage men and women in extension services with gender expertise. Improving women’s access to education, health, and economic resources will lead to a better world for not only women and children, but the world. 

Join us in our Journey to support them. This International Women’s Day be a partner, Donate/Sponsor to Agriculture World and Krishi Jagran to make a difference to their lives. Your small contribution will make a big difference in their lives! Join us in the soul filling journey of supporting women, women groups single women families, adopt a women farmer, lend a hand in education to their children and likewise. 

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