AGROTECH - Krushi Mela at Rajkot : Successful Agricultural Exhibition

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Rajkot city is the capital of Saurashtra Region where life is festival. People enjoy colourful life. More than 2500 different types of Mela-fair are held in Gujarat as farmers of Saurashtra and Gujarat are progressive and innovative. Farmers are getting Agricultural information by so many media and Krushi Mela is one of them. The "Agrotech" Krushi Mela participates in this new era.

In view of this, the question arises that why not modern and hi-tech Agricultural exhibition for farmers ? So V.G. Agrotech organise "Agrotech" Krushi Mela in Rajkot Gujarat which is  convenient for farmers of Saurashtra and Gujarat.

"Agrotech "Krushi Mela is organized by V.G. Agrotech Rajkot every year in Gujarat state. Since 1998 "Agrotech" exhibits Agricultural product, agri input and modern Agricultural research in Gujarat. Every year three or four times Agrotech Krushi Mela is held at selected places like Gandhinagar, Himatnagar, Anand, Rajkot and around the Surat city. Agrotech Krushi Mela is a different type of Agricultural exhibition.

‌Once a year, V.G. Agrotech organises Krushi Mela at Rajkot. Many farmers visit Agrotech Krushi Mela at Rajkot. April month is appropriate for Agriculture exhibition (before Kharif season) for Rajkot and Saurashtra region. In Rajkot, Agrotech Krushi Mela was held successfully from April 1st to 4th, 2018.

Shri Vijay Gajera is an organizer of Agrotech Krushi Mela. He said, "In this time farmers are free from winter crop harvest (Kharif and Rabi season). Now they are planning for new cultivation of kharif season. Now a days waiting for good monsoon. So they can easily come to Rajkot Krushi Mela and get latest information of hi-tech Agriculture."

‌More than two hundred company, manufacturer, producer of Agri inputs exhibited their products morning to evening for four days. Farmers were satisfied by them. Approximately more than 1.25 lakh farmers visited Agrotech Krushi Mela at Rajkot.

‌Hybrid seeds, fertilizers, biofertilisers, organic manure, pesticides, biopesticides, farm machinery, farm equipments, micro irrigation system, tissue culture, vermi culture, nursery, plug nursery etc. displayed and demonstrated in Agrotech Krushi Mela.

‌Research based products were displayed by Junagadh Agriculture University and other Private sector. There are publishers who got subscription of Agricultural magazines and Agricultural literature's. Today's farmers are interested in Agriculture information by print, audio and visual media. Modern times is for social media. Therefore, Agriculture science application shows more information in smart phone. Now a days farmers also use smart phone. So they have become interested in these applications and new information technology.

Harshad Dave (Rajkot)


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