Alchohol from wood

Alcohol from wood

The researchers from Japan’s Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute say the bark-based beverages have woody qualities similar to alcohol which is aged in wood barrels.The wood is pulverized in a paste form and then turned into a creamy paste and added yeast and enzyme to start the fermentation process. The whole process is carried out without heating which preserve the natural flavour of wood.  Uptill now Cider, birch and cherry have been used for the purpose. Researcher Kengo Magara told that distilled alcohol was better when both brewed and distilled versions of them were tested. Four kilogrammes (8.8 pounds) cedar wood gave them 3.8 litres (Eight pints) of liquid, with alcohol content of around 15 percent.

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Now they say the drinks they are making from tree bark are similar to drinks aged in wooden barrels, and could be served to customers by 2021. "It's a dream-inspired project," he said, adding that the institute is hoping to partner with the private sector to get the liquor into the market.

"Japan has plenty of trees across the nation and we hope people can enjoy wood alcohols that are specialised from each region," he said.


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