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An Old 1 Rupee Note Can Make You Rich; Know How

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Old one rupee

Need money urgently in this pandemic? Then here's an opportunity to earn thousands without doing anything. You can earn Rs. 45000 sitting at your home.  

All you need is look for an old one rupee note dating back to 1977-1979. As we know that Covid-19 pandemic period has been tough for all of us. Many people lost their jobs and are in urgent need of money. Hence these people can utilize this opportunity and earn good amount sitting at home.

How to earn thousands with an old coin?

In order to earn Rs 45,000, you must have an old one rupee note. Though the Central government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) do not print one rupee note at present but you may have an old note at home that can give you Rs 45,000.

It must be noted that the one rupee note must have the signature of former Principal Secretary, Ministry of Finance, H.M Patel. Besides this, the serial number of the note must be 123456.

There are many people who love collecting old coins and notes. If they have three Rs. 1 note then they can easily earn Rs. 1,35,000. Isn’t it great..

Where to sell one rupee note

  • You can easily sell the one rupee currency at coinbazzar website - https://www.coinbazaar.in/

  • Just visit the website and search ‘Shop’ section.

  • Then go to the 'Note bundle' category (You will get full details here).

  • You will also find - "Extremely rare, For collectors, one rupee bundle 1957, signed by HM Patel, with jumbling number 123456” option.

For more details please visit the official website - https://www.coinbazaar.in/

This is a really good opportunity so look for old one rupee note at your home and sell it at Coinbazaar.com.

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