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Apurva Tripathi is All Set to Globalize Tribal Products through MD Botanicals

Explore a brief interaction with Apurva Tripathi, Founder of Maa Danteshwari (MD) Botanicals, highlighting her journey and commitment to empowering tribal communities through herbal products.

Shreetu Singh
Apurva Tripathi with the Krishi Jagran Team during her visit in New Delhi.
Apurva Tripathi with the Krishi Jagran Team during her visit in New Delhi.

Apurva Tripathi, Founder of Maa Danteshwari (MD) Botanicals and daughter of Dr. Raja Ram Tripathi, National President of the All India Farmers Alliance (AIFA), visited the Krishi Jagran office on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. 

During her visit, Apurva shared insights into her journey of establishing MD Botanicals, the inspiration behind the venture, and the impact of her father’s work on her career. Apurva holds a postgraduate degree in Intellectual Property Rights and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Intellectual Property Rights focusing on Traditional Healing Practices of the People of Bastar, Chhattisgarh. 

Apurva Tripathi during interview with Krishi Jagran team
Apurva Tripathi during interview with Krishi Jagran team

About her doctorate, Apurva explained, “The tribal community in Bastar is involved in growing different crops with healing properties. I am learning how to help them through Intellectual Property Rights.” When asked about her shift towards agriculture from a law background, she mentioned, “I was born and brought up in a tribal community and was always connected to agriculture. Learning from my father’s 20 years of experience inspired me to do something beneficial for my community.”

While sharing about MD Botanicals Apurva said that the organisation aims to be a platform for herbal products from Bastar that previously lacked proper packaging and distribution to get a proper market channel. With this idea, she started this business around six months back. Now that the necessary certifications and licenses are issued, the company is ready to launch a total of 60 products.

Highlighting the benefits of herbal products, Apurva said, “Herbal products are basically derived from natural sources and are free from synthetic chemicals, making them safer for long-term use. These products can provide holistic healing, supporting overall wellness rather than just treating symptoms. They often have lesser side effects compared to conventional medications and can be taken by the individual for daily health needs. Moreover, the use of herbal products promotes sustainable farming practices and supports local communities.”

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of their products lies in ancient knowledge, the expertise of Dr. Raja Ram Tripathi, and the assurance of the source and quality of the raw materials. Apurva emphasized, “We ensure the source and quality of the raw material firsthand. We offer a range of food supplements like ashwagandha, moringa, chia seeds, black pepper, spices, and other organic products. Our aim is to make our products available across India and internationally, with a significant portion of the profit going to the tribal community involved.”

APurva Tripathi with M.C. Dominic and Shiny Dominic
Apurva Tripathi with M.C. Dominic and Shiny Dominic

MD Botanicals involves nearly 1,000 families from Bastar, with 50 women engaged in packaging. Apurva highlighted, “Pure products often come at a higher cost, but we aim to keep prices reasonable so that the products are affordable to the middle class families, and the tribal community receives fair returns.”

Their target consumers include both those suffering from illnesses and those seeking to maintain their health. Apurva explained, “Earlier, illness was limited to older people, but now everyone needs health supplements for rejuvenation, workouts, and overall well-being. For instance, women with iron deficiency can take moringa instead of chemical alternatives. We also offer Liveron, which can be taken by both ill and healthy people to prevent illness.”

Apurva pointed out that there are two types of consumers: those who focus on cost and those who prioritize purity and quality. “Our products focus on purity. We ensure the source of origin is visible in our products. Consumers can view videos on social media to verify that our raw materials are entirely organic, assuring them of the product's purity.”

To differentiate their products from others, MD Botanicals incorporates tribal art on their packaging and uses trademarks to relate them to pure Bastar products. There is a growing demand for products focused on gut health, such as Triphala, made of three substances and beneficial for gut health. 

The interview concluded with Apurva Tripathi attending KJ Chaupal where she appreciated Krishi Jagran for their MFOI Awards and their ongoing efforts to support farmers. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share her journey and vision with the Krishi Jagran community.

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