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Are You An Eggetarian? Know the Healthiest Method of Cooking, Eating & Storing Eggs

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Eggs are super nutritious food. They are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats & other crucial nutrients like proteins, vitamins D, A, B12, iodine and folate. Though eggs can be cooked in different styles with different veggies, but how will you know that your body is getting those nutrients properly? Well, it simply depends on the right preparation method.

As per a research, cooking makes the nutrients in the eggs more digestible like protein. It kills harmful bacteria & makes the vitamin biotin of eggs more available for your body to use.

But, on the contrary, it can also damage some nutrients of the eggs especially when cooked at a high temperature. According to a recent research, eggs when cooked lose their vitamin A content by about 17 - 20 percent. It also reduces the antioxidants amount of eggs. Eggs cannot be linked to an increased risk of heart problems among healthy people.

What is the right way of cooking eggs?

1. Healthy way of cooking eggs:

Eggs must always be cooked without any salt or fat. For boiled eggs/poached, don’t add salt to it. Don’t add butter to make your scrambled eggs extra tasty.

2. Healthy ways of boiling eggs:

Boiled eggs are cooked in 10-12 minutes in their shells. The longer you cook them, the harder the yolk will become.

3. Poached eggs:

They are cooked for a maximum in 3 minutes. In this method, the yolks are mostly left uncooked.

4. Scrambled eggs:

They are beaten in a bowl, poured into a pan & then stirred on low heat.

5. Omelette:

In this method eggs are whisked, poured into a hot pan with oil & then cooked. Remember that they are not stirred on the pan.

Which is the healthiest method to eat egg?

Though, eggs can be cooked in several ways, but when you cook it as omelette, it’s fully fried. Thus, most of the nutrients get burnt. So, avoid it as much as you can. Go for more boiled eggs to get the maximum amount of nutrients. Though, sometimes you can have an omelette to changes the flavour.

Avoid microwave style of cooking eggs. As pressure can be created inside the eggs & at times they may explode.

Tips to cook eggs in a healthy way:

  • Go for poached or boiled eggs. It will help to cut down on your calories.

  • Add more of veggies with them to increase the amount of nutrients in the food. You can also mix some vegetables in omelette or scrambled eggs.

  • If you are frying eggs, then use olive oil or coconut oil while preparing them on a high-heat. As when you cook eggs in high temperature, the cholesterol get oxidised in it which then forms into harmful radicals.

  • Try consuming organic eggs more as they are considered to be more nutritious.

  • Always avoid over-cooking eggs. High heat damages most of the nutrients in it.

Is eating raw eggs healthy?

No, eating raw eggs can cause various health risks. They are considered to cause food poisoning. You should also avoid eating them along with foods containing raw eggs like homemade mayonnaise, tiramisu, salad dressings, mousse, etc.

Right Method to store eggs:

1. Storing the eggs in the fridge, away from other foods is the right way of storing them.
2. Always wash your hands properly with water & soap after touching the eggs.

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