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Assam Governor Stresses on Dairy, Fishing Industries for District's Socioeconomic Growth

During a recent visit to Charaideo Maidam, the Assam Governor held meetings with the district administration and emphasized the potential of dairy and fishing industries for driving the socioeconomic growth of the local people.

Shivam Dwivedi
Assam Governor Emphasizes Dairy & Fishing Industries for District's Socioeconomic Growth
Assam Governor Emphasizes Dairy & Fishing Industries for District's Socioeconomic Growth

Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria and the First Lady made their inaugural visit to the renowned Charaideo Maidam on April 26th. The site has been proposed for inclusion on UNESCO's worldwide heritage list.

Dr KC Naurial, the cultural specialist employed by the Government of Assam, provided information on the historic importance of the burial mounds of the Ahom Kings and their nobles to the group during their tour of the site. Additionally, the group viewed an exhibition showcasing ancient artifacts from the Ahom era.

Enthralled by the historic Charaideo Maidam, the Governor requested that the Archaeology Department organize for a screening of the Ahom Kingdom's high points for posterity's benefit. During the tour, Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management Jogen Mohan, MLA Sonari, Dharmeswar Konwar, and Dipi Rekha Kouli, Director of the Assam Archaeology Department, were present.

Later, the Governor met with the Deputy Commissioner, SP, and other Charaideo district department chiefs. In addition to taking stock of the implementation of several government programmes, the Governor emphasized the potential of the dairy and fishing industries for the socioeconomic development of the district's people.

He also argued for various measures, including the use of both traditional and contemporary agricultural methods to increase year-round production in the district. In addition, the Governor of Assam discussed the execution of MGNREGA, the TB Mukt Abhiyan, and other significant programmes.

He directed Deputy Commissioner Paul Barua to take steps to eradicate tuberculosis completely. The Superintendent of Police for the district also informed the Governor of the district's law and order condition. Later, representatives from the district's numerous civic bodies met with the Governor and discussed problems of public interest.

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