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Attention SBI Customers! Beware of These Fraud SMS, Online Bank Websites & Cybercrimes

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

When the entire world is fighting against the covid-19 outbreak, the cybercriminals and scammers are coming up with different ways to defraud people. Recently, the State Bank of India (SBI), India's largest commercial lender, has warned its customers against such frauds. SBI customers include common people, lawyers, teachers, doctors, farmers etc.

The bank tweeted, "Fraudsters are using new ways and techniques to commit cybercrimes. Here’s a new way people are scammed in India. If you come across any such instances, please inform us through e-mail to epg.cms@sbi.co.in & report.phishing@sbi.co.in & also report on https://cybercrime.gov.in/Default.aspx"

Adding to it, the bank also explained about the several ways of cybercrime wherein messages sent by the fraudsters look same like the SBI Net Banking page confusing people & making people download fake caps. The customers get swayed by these fake apps due to so much similarity with the real app. They make the mistake of logging in by using their net banking credentials which leads them to lose money.

SBI has warned its customers saying, "If you receive such an SMS please delete it. Do not click on the link & do not share your credentials." It also asked the customers that if they come across any such instances, then they should immediately inform the bank by e-mail at epg.cms@sbi.co.in. & phishing@sbi.co.in.

The bank also told its customers to report such messages to government cybercrime branch as well.

SBI Warned About Online Fake Websites:

Adding more to the frauds happening, SBI also warned people against a fake Online SBI digital website. The bank stated, "Please note that http://www.onlinesbi.digital is a fake website & SBI customers should not be a victim to messages which ask them to update their password or account information on the above-mentioned website".

Earlier also SBI had alerted people about the ongoing EMI fraud scheme. As RBI has asked lenders to defer 3 months' EMIs, scammers started calling up customers on the pretext of deferring the EMI payments & asked them about their card details and OTP.


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