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Best Business Ideas in India: Start These Seven Small Businesses and Earn Huge Profit

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

A huge number of people in India are still settled in villages. Villages have their own set of infrastructure, roads and networks that is different from the urban areas. No doubt that business requires a special set of infrastructures and also has its own needs but this doesn’t mean there are no business opportunities in villages.

Yes friends, there are many business opportunities in rural areas also. There are some businesses that are suitable only in villages like agriculture-related business. Hence in this article we will tell you about some profitable businesses that you can start from villages. Starting a business in rural areas require less capital & less investment.

Best Business Ideas for Villages

Milk centre

Rearing buffalos and cows are very common in villages. And there are so many dairy farms that require milk in huge quantity. They usually obtain milk from ‘milk centres’ that collect milk from the villagers. To start a milking centre you will have to contact a dairy farm and collaborate with them. Also you will need a proper place where you can place the weighing machine & the machine to measure quality of milk fat & other things.

Grow and Sell Organic vegetables

You can start doing organic farming business and sell it in the market where its demand is high. To start with, you will have to find a proper vendor for your product so that you don’t need to struggle to sell your produce.  You can also supply your produce directly in the market. However in the beginning, it will be better to go through a vendor as you are new in the market and you would not be aware of the buyers.

Flour mill

In cities, people buy flour (atta) packet but in rural areas, people go to flour mills as they grow wheat in their own fields. Hence if you open a flour mill then it would be a very profitable business for you. Also use the mill for other things like corns, turmeric, chilli, coriander etc also. You can buy a machine for making flattened rice also. Make sure you have a good electricity connection.

Oil mills

Due to lack of oil mills, people in rural areas have to go far off places to get oil refined or they are forced to sell the produce at a low cost. If you have enough capital then you can easily set up an oil mill. As people grow soybeans, mustard, groundnuts in their fields they generally get the oil extracted in the mills for daily use.

Poultry farm

Setting up a poultry farm does not require much space or money. A person himself can start this business very easily at his backyard. All you need to do is rear small chicken up to certain wait and then sell them in the market. Here, you can sell chicken as well as their eggs.

Fishery farm

Just like poultry farming, you can also do fishery business. All you need to have is basic understanding of fishery farming as it’s not that easy. Also you need sufficient land for this business. But once you learn it, you can earn really good income from it.

Wholesale of fertilisers

As we know that farming is the major occupation in villages. Hence starting a wholesale store of fertilisers will be one of the best options to earn good income. For this, you will have to get a license from the concerned authority.

So these were some profitable businesses that you can start from villages and earn really good income. If you want detailed information on any particular business then do let us know through the comment box given below, we would be happy to help you with it...

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