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Big Opportunity for All; Know How a One Rupee Coin Can Make You Lakhpati in Minutes

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
one rupee coin

The entire world is suffering badly due to Covid-19 pandemic.  Despite working day and night, it is becoming very difficult for a common man to manage the daily expenses of his house. Farmers too are facing lots of problem due to this ongoing Corona crisis. Hence today in this article we tell you a very easy way to become rich, which will surely help the farming community too. 

If we say that you can earn Rs. 25 lakh with a one rupee coin, then you won’t believe but yes friends this is true.  If you want to earn quick money then you must have a one rupee coin. But remember that this coin should not be an ordinary coin but should be at least 100 years old.

It is important to mention that IndiaMart, a big online marketplace in India conducts auction of old and antique coins. If you have a very old and rare coin, then you can also take part in this auction, which is open for all. Here you can sell your coins for millions of rupees.

100 year-old coin costs Rs.25 lakh rupees

 If you have an old one rupee coin (made in 1913) then you can easily earn Rs. 25 lakh by selling it. Here, the value of one rupee coin made in 1913 has been estimated at Rs. 25 lakh. It is a silver coin and has been included in the Victorian category.

East-India coin

An 18th-century coin at India Mart has been priced at Rs 10 lakh. The value of one coin of East India Company, made in the year 1818, has been estimated at Rs 10 lakh. Hanumanji's picture is inscribed on this copper coin.

Where to sell old coin

To sell old coins, you have to go to Indiamart's website - www.indiamart.com. On this website you have to create your account. After creating an account, you have to register yourself as a seller here. After registration, now you upload the picture of your coin and put it for sale.

You can also sell old coins at various websites like - https://indiancoinmill.com/


People fond of antique things need such coins and they can buy such antique things at any price. Hence what are you waiting for, if you have an old one rupee coin then sell it at any of the abovementioned websites.

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