BioAg Asia 2020: Explore New Market Opportunities & Build Business Linkages

A renowned global media, Agriculture Today is organizing BioAg Asia 2020 for companies dealing in the bio-stimulant and bio-input from all around the world. The event aims at gathering all the key stakeholders in the bio-agriculture sector under one roof and give insight into the future trends and dynamics, and a platform for exploring market opportunities and forging business linkages.  

The soil is home to bacteria, yeast, and mould. These are the natural nutrients for the plants which are already present in the soil. Bioinputs and biostimulants just mobilize these nutrients and help plants take the most out of them. This way, bio inputs are quite an essential element in modern-day farming.  

BioAg Asia 2020 emphasizes on the importance of using biostimulants and bio inputs. The event will focus on promoting the use of biostimulants by as many farmers as possible. This will ultimately increase the crop yield and will also be able to feed more and more people across the world.  

BioAg Asia 2020: Check Out the Details here: 

When:4th March 2020 

Where: Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, New Delhi 

How to Register: Click here 

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