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Buy & Support Farmers in times of Corona Lockdown: an earnest request from Pravin Sawant, Malvan to buy his Watermelons

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Watermelon, the perfect summer fruit has been embraced globally over centuries. The pinkish red fruit with seeds arranged like diamonds is an amazing choice from kids to elders around the globe. The Origin of Watermelons in India can be traced back to the fourth century AD. Susruta, the great Indian physician and surgeon, mentions that watermelons were cultivated along the banks of the Indus river. The fruit has been called Kalinda or Kalinga. 

A forwarded mail by the Farmer friend Sameer Adhikari from a young farmer called Pravin Sawant from Malvan just breaks your heart. He has been growing and harvesting myriad produce in his field, and the best quality Kalinga are made in his farms according to him. But with the current Corona virus, the ban on communication and the ban on markets, he is not possible to sell perishable fruits like Kalinga. At present, there are 55-55 tonnes of Kalinga fruits in the garden.  

The farmer Pravin makes an earnest request to all of us whether we could help him by buying bulk Kalinga fruits from him to help him tide over the crisis. Arrangements will be made to bring in watermelons to the respective villages. He also reiterates the fact that the only downside is to not face a complete loss and to recover what he has invested for the crops. He also continues to let us know that the fruits produced in the garden should reach people in the next four to eight days. So I think even if you get 5 percent less than 100 percent damage, I think it will be better says Pravin. 

Everyone who reads this post if required kindly contact the farmer and help him out at this point of crisis. Kindly listen to this plea and help him overcome situations. 


 You can contact the number below 8698055622 

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