By Enhancing Agricultural Productivity even non standard seeds perform well

The known fact about the Magnets is they attract or repel. Magnets are essential in today's electronic technology. Magnets are useful, fun and even a little mysterious. The science of magnetism is tied to the modern science of electricity, but has been recognized for thousands of years. 

In view of the magnetism which is a natural resource, the Magnetology is the earths` oldest technology, which it uses to protect itself from the extremes of the sun and for realignment of the water molecular structure and much more; it is the life force of everything living. 

If applied correctly it can give enormous benefits and contributions’ to many of the earths` environmental, water and food resources and health challenges. Hence, the scientists within Magnetic Technologies carry forward the understanding that magnetism is a natural resource, that upon being understood and used judiciously. The intense exploitation of water by industries & domestic segments, coupled with erratic rains, is making farming increasingly unviable; farmers are forced to exploit ground water, high in hardness for irrigation of crops. Unfortunately, plants don`t thrive in hard water. 

Treatment of irrigation water with magnetic fields immensely benefits the agricultural sector as it greatly enhances yields & nutritional content in crops. Such crops carry, marked increase in growth and yield parameters, such as height, weight, water content, photosynthetic/total pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids), nutritional content such as (N,P,Ca,Mg,Fe) etc. This is because limitations pertaining to water`s solubility and permeability and hardness causing salts are overcome.  

While yield per seed will greatly enhance when the seeds are treated with specialized magnetic devices prior to sowing. This process increases protein formation, supports well-developed root system. Even non-standard seeds perform well. Water`s productivity is a link to Molecules structure and dissolved salts in groundwater.  

Actually, when water passes through inline magnetic water treatment devices, water molecules existing in clusters, break their inter-molecular hydrogen bonds and exist independently for a substantial period of time.  

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