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Celebrating Kisan Diwas - the Krishi Jagran Way

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Once in a while in life we need a lawyer, a doctor, a policeman or may be a preacher. But three times a day, we need a farmer and that is why we call farmers as the backbone of any civilization. Prior to mass industrialization of food, everyone was either himself a farmer or was at most one human link away from farming.

Though the world is worried for the food security in the coming 2030 and 2050 in view of the increase in the population and no other country is celebrating any Farmer Day as India. Kisan Diwas is the annual celebration of Indian farmers and is observed on December 23 across the country. Also known as Farmer's Day, this observance falls on the birth anniversary of India's fifth Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh. Kisan Diwas is observed as a day to celebrate the farmers, who form the backbone of our agriculturally-backed country.

Krishi Jagran, a monthly publication of the D S R Agri Media Private Limited is celebrating Kisan Diwas to honor and  give self respect to the Farmers of India. Krishi Jagran, a Limca Book of Records with 12 Indian Languages, 23 Editions and presence in the 22 states of India has dedicated 23rd of December to this noble Professionals.

Kisan Diwas

Kisan Diwas celebrations are normally filled with discussions, workshops, exhibitions and other programs organized by the Government and other organizations. Kisan Diwas is also widely celebrated in schools and colleges by encouraging student participation in essay competitions, extempore and debates, etc. Krishi Jagran moved the idea to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that "Kisan Meri Nazar Me" an essay competition should be conducted throughout India in all the Indian languages so that students know the importance of this noble profession of Farming. 

Indian farmers have been at the forefront of building our nation and continue to selflessly strive to produce everything from the food we eat to the raw materials for the urban-chic clothes. However, there are various issues that farmers have been fighting all alone. Whether it is updating their own knowledge & staying on track with the evolving world in agriculture or simply speaking up about the financial burdens that they struggle with, there is a lot that farmer needs to open upon. And this need is one of the main reasons that makes Kisan Diwas so important.

It is important to note that despite being the most prominent means of life for so many people, not many people are aware of the problems that farmers face. People remain ignorant about the necessary information about this sector of the country. Kisan Diwas celebrations work on educating people about these issues & also focused on empowering the farmers themselves with the latest learnings of the agricultural sector.

Kisan Diwas also serves as a perfect reminder for all of us to express thanks to these farmers, who are the primary source of our daily meals. There is no doubt that the challenges being combated by farmers are exponential & require our utmost attention, now more than ever. It is in times like these that celebration of days like Kisan Diwas plays a much more important role. We really hope that Kisan Diwas 2019 brings with it an abundance of knowledge & fills the lives of all farmers with the prosperity & growth they deserve!

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