Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies & Innovations: Impact & Way Forward

The most vulnerable community of Climate change is “Agrarian Community”.  Growth in Indian Agriculture is almost stagnant for more than a decade. In this backdrop, technologies & innovations are looked at as primary means to overcome the challenges and to ensure food security of the country and increasing the income of the farmers. At the same time Agriculture is also facing the change of more and more manpower intends to move out of agriculture (though ascribing to the low incomes and low prestige), cost of human resource in agriculture is fast sky rocketing.  With lesser manpower to feed the growing population, modernization of agriculture is the only rescue factor if India has to feed its population with climate sensitivity.  Further, in the backdrop of poor average incomes per acre in Indian Agriculture, it is imperative that more land per unit resource inputs is made the norm of farming. In this scenario, Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies stands the harbinger in bringing higher production per resource employed in Indian Agriculture all across the value chain from farm to the fork. 

The conference aims to bring together the stakeholders of Agriculture “to share the impact of various dimensions of ‘Development’ and ‘Adoption’ of Climate Smart Agriculture technologies & innovations with respect to their relevance, frugality, challenges faced, agriculture and policy frameworks and way forward for more sustainable climate-smart agriculture development with the centrality of agriculture incomes’ bearing on agriculture growth and food security, it is imperative that the conference deliberates on what innovations and technologies can drive today’s Indian Agriculture to growth and doubling the farm incomes.

The conference will be inaugurated by the eminent personality of the Agriculture Field. It will be addressed by senior representatives from FAO, IARI, ICAR, Technology innovators, startups, scientists and companies. For further information on Global Agri Connect, please visit our website on or contact Mr. KRC Pillai on, Mob 7042412012

For further information on Global Agri Connect, please visit NSFI website on

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