Commercial Release of GM Mustard Finally Declined by Minister

The government’s biotech regulatory committee approved India’s first transgenic food crop GM Mustard for commercial release. The GEAC recommended the commercial release after day-long deliberations on the safety aspects of the crop. This is the dream come true for the Mustard growers as they were eagerly waiting for this release.

The genetically modified Mustard seeds developed by Delhi University’s Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants under the able guidance of Prof. Deepak Pental will be released for sowing after the environment ministry approves it.

Chengal Reddy, Chief Advisor of Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations ( CIFA ) said, " Even before the happy news has reached to villages, Anil Dave, MOEF stated that he will keep it pending till Supreme court of India decides this matter."The Supreme court has not granted stay on the GM Mustard or other GM projects research, he added. He further added, " Encouraging huge GM products imports is the NDA policy".

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