Cotton prices above MSP


      Cotton prices will be expected to be above minimum support price for this  year. Current cotton arrivals from kharif crop are at their peak, with mandis across the country getting about 1.60 lakh bales every day.

      Maharashtra based grinner Mr.B.S.Rajpal said “We expect prices to remain above MSP till December,” The current price of good quality kapas (raw cotton with seeds) is between Rs 4,300/quintal and Rs 4,600/quintal as against the MSP of Rs 4,320/quintal for long staple cotton. Although current cotton prices are ruling lower than previous year, they are still above the minimum support price (MSP). Hike in price of cotton is due to the attack of pink bollworm which effects the yield and productivity of crop. However the price of cotton as compared to last year has decreased by 10-15 percent but the concern is that it is still above MSP.

Dr.Sangeeta Soi

Krishi Jagran

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