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Did you think CHICKENS CANT FLY ??

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

When you think of Chickens, What do you think ? Chicken, a very important living being which makes the world of poultry significant. We are so fond and busy eating the eggs and the chicken that we often forget the fact that chicken is a bird. And its not a flightless bird. Chickens can fly and what if they fly away from your farm ??

What if the other day, Chickens fly high in the sky and drops an egg on your head, May be ?? That would have been a disaster. But thank god, we are saved from such mishappenings, because they sadly though they are not flightless bird, they also cannot fly high in the sky. Also there has not been much of an evidence of that.

But, Believe it or not there exists a record for the longest flight of a chicken. First come first, some history about your favourite fowl.

The Chicken, of today’s backyards, were once undomesticated. Odd as it might be to think of chickens clucking through the wild, they actually descend from red, and grey jungle fowl. Evidence suggests a closer tie to the grey, however, as they and the domestic chicken share a yellow skin coloring. Although similar, domestic chickens measure at twice the size of Indian jungle fowl.

Records indicate the domestication of chickens to have taken place over 10,000 years ago when the Indians and Vietnamese captured and bred chickens for eggs, feathers, and meat. This domestication quickly spread throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. As a result, the chicken is the prominent farm animal today.

Unfortunately, this domestication drastically reduced the chicken’s ability to fly. As wild jungle fowl, these birds easily took flight to roost in trees. Now, as domestic creatures, they are purposefully bred to have larger breasts for consumption. This added weight hinders the chicken’s ability to fly. Additionally, chickens are discouraged from wandering or flying off by their handlers, stunting the development of further flying techniques.

That brings us to the matter at hand: what is the longest recorded flight of a chicken? In 2014, a chicken was observed flying for 13 continuous seconds. In addition, the furthest recorded distance covered by a flying chicken is 301.5 feet. Sadly, no other information exists on these record-holding chickens, or if the records are held by the same chicken.

 Courtesy : Factual Facts

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