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Effective measure can bring Good day of sugarcane farmers But will they able to give a lasting impact only time will tell

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

In order to give relief to sugarcane growers and sugar mill owners in Uttar Pradesh, the central government has issued a package of Rs 8500 crores, in addition to the payment of the farmer, is also focused on increasing the capacity of sugar mills, due to which farmers Confusion will be sort out. If the production of ethanol  increase then due to its use in petrol it will help in reducing its import. while farmers will be paid better. But the most important thing is that the sugarcane growers owe more than 22,000 crores on sugar mills to pay the arrears of sugarcane growers. And most of the outstanding sugarcane growers of Uttar Pradesh. Since arrears of sugarcane farmers have to be paid through sugar mills. In such a case it should be guaranteed that the full payment of their dues is on time.

The government is telling this package to be historical. While the government's decision is an example of the changing economy of sugar industry and the changing priority of the government. Not long ago when sugar stocks in the country were imported, it had imported sugar in the interest of consumers. But now  in the interest of sugarcane growers, doubling of the imported duty and doubling the export duty. This is not a bad example of government protectionism in the era of free economy. Rather it is also proof that the government probably does not want to understand the problems in this area. The unfortunate of sugarcane growers is that despite the high production they neither get a beneficial price nor get money from the mills on time. The pain of small farmers is different. While the mill owner explains the need to reduce sugar production costs. Right now the biggest window is that relief is provided to the sugarcane farmers in the relief of sugarcane fields.

When the bumper production of sugarcane is not able to change the fate of the farmers, then the government protectionism that will give the market-focused transparent policy will probably prove to be a more suitable solution. Otherwise With immediate measures  the condition of this area will not change.

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