Farm Innovator Meet-2018

The innovations should be culturally socially adaptable and acceptable by farmers and taken up in participatory approach. Agricultural Knowledge management should be taken up to intensify agriculture.  To give boost to the farm innovators, 24 KVKs from Rajasthan and Haryana with 51 farm innovators participated. Farm Innovator Meet-2018 for Rajasthan and Haryana was organized at KVK-Udaipur.

Dr. S. L. Mehta, Patron, KVK, Udaipur and Chief Guest of the Meet said ITKs of farmers should be identified and documented. The Self Help Groups will play a great role in farm innovations he opined. He also said the innovations should be included in all exhibitions so that same can be propagated.

Dr. S. K. Singh, Director, ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur said farmers innovations should be tested, verified and documented for faster dissemination. Integrated farming system in tribal areas should be popularized, he urged. Dr Singh also stated that Agricultural Knowledge Management should be taken up to intensify agriculture. 

Chander Mohan

Krishi Jagran/New Delhi

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