Farmers in Karnataka withdraw protest giving 15 days deadline to govt.

The protesting farmers in Karnataka have finally withdrawn their day-long demonstration giving 15-days deadline to the JDS-Congress Coalition government to solve their issues, which includes payment of dues by the Sugar Mill owners for the cane purchased from them.

Farmers from all over Karnataka had gathered at the Freedom Park and asked the Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr G Paramehwara to meet them and give concrete assurance on payment of their dues by Sugar Mill owners and also on the implementation of loan waiver announced by the State government.

The protestors were also demanding an apology from the Chief Minister on a statement made him at Belagavi while they were protesting in front of Suvarna Soudha. However, the CM refused to meet them said that his statement was misinterpreted and he has high regards for the farmers, women as well as children. Kumaraswamy also explained that he got angry when the farmers held him responsible for their problems.

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