Finest Flowers from Africa at HORTI CHINA 2018

The 4 major African flower producing countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia and Kenya will be exhibited at the World Floral Expo China (HPP exhibitions) and HORTI CHINA at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from 21st to 23rd November 2018.

As per the World Flower Map from the Royal Netherlands Research Institute, Africa is the top flower producing country in the world, meanwhile Europe imports the maximum quantity of cut flowers and China is the top producer of roses and importer of foreign plants. The major African flowers arrive in major ports such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. And from there, they are transferred to various parts of the country to be sold domestically or on the foreign market.

The Belt along with Road Initiative has optimized cross-continent transportation supply channels between Africa and Asia and given rise to a demand for flowers and agricultural products in China. Africa has maintained the top position in flower trade due to ideal soil, climate, and water conditions. Under Chinese President Xi’s global trade vision and Africa wide investment plans, China’s collaboration with top African exporters is projected to boost significantly.

The World Floral Expo China will be presented at the HORTI CHINA 2018 that focuses on flower seedling cultivation, planting technology and horticultural facilities. Visitors as well as exhibitors will get to see a large variety of roses, lilies, gypsophila, gerbera, gladiolus, hydrangea, among many other flowers. The event also facilitates business and technical exchange and for the entire horticultural industry chain from breeding, planting, post-harvest, gardening facilities, vegetables, and fruits.

Krishi Jagran is the media partner at HORTI CHINA 2018.

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