Firmness Meter for Onions available for Demonstration on 30th August

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Onion is the vegetable which farmers, labourers and the aliied people are taking with lot of interest. The farmer sitting under the tree make onion eatable by pressing with the hand. For which we have to check the firmness of the onion. The harder the onion, the better the onion. Here is a meter to check the hardness.

A new digital firmness meter for onions will be demonstrated at the 2018 Dutch National Onion Day. National Onion Day is an annual event on the last Thursday of August. It is organised by the Onion Innovation and Knowledge Centre (UIKC).This event will be held in Colijnsplaat, the Netherlands. This meter was developed by two Dutch companies - onion seed supplier, De Groot and Slot, in collaboration with machine manufacturer, Machinefabriek Jan van de Velde. The Rusthoeve experimental farm is located on Noordlangeweg 42, 4486 PR Colijnsplaat. The event’s opening hours are from 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm. You are welcome  in Colijnsplaat on Thursday 30 August! 

De Groot and Slot have screening fields all over the world. Samples of test onions from these fields are measured for firmness. More than 400 specimens are also taken, on an annual basis, from commercial onion fields in the Benelux region. All these measurements need to be recorded quickly and precisely. De Groot and Slot, together with Machinefabriek Jan van de Velde, therefore, developed this new firmness tester. It is the first digital onion firmness meter.

Developing a machine such as this takes time. Many different points of view were needed to arrive at a good product and protocol. The Centre for Innovation and Knowledge in Onions (UIKC), therefore, also became involved with the process during the machine's developmental stage. In consultation with each other, a suitable protocol was developed for the use of this firmness meter.

Machinefabriek Jan van de Velde is ready to enter the market with this innovation. With the digital firmness meter, the whole chain can determine onions' firmness in the same manner.

To see this digital firmness meter? Please visit the De Groot and Slot stand at the 2018 National Onion Day. It will be held on 30 August in Colijnsplaat. Here, you will get a detailed explanation as well as a demonstration.

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