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Garuda Aerospace & Rallis India Join Hands to Leverage Technology in Agricultural Operations

For a pilot demonstration and the aerial application of pesticides to fields, especially in the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, Rallis will provide Garuda with insecticides and crop nutrients

Ayushi Sikarwar
Sprinkling of pesticides through drone technology (File Image)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed by Garuda Aerospace, the country's top manufacturer of drones, and Rallis India Limited, a major participant in the agriculture sector and a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals.

Rallis will provide Garuda with pesticides and crop nutrients for a pilot demonstration and the aerial application of pesticides to fields, primarily in the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Together, Garuda Aerospace and Rallis India Limited are using technology in agricultural operations to improve the lives of farmers.

Rallis India is well known for its farmer participation and as a dependable supplier of high-quality agrochemicals, crop fertilizers, and seeds. The company's goal statement is 'Serving Farmers through Science'.

The alliance between Garuda Kisan drones and Rallis India would let both companies make the most of their respective core competencies. While Rallis India is renowned for its extensive distribution network, Garuda Aerospace is recognized as offering the best drone solution in the agriculture industry.

On roughly 1000 acres of land, the drone operators will demonstrate on crops like paddy, onions, Bengal gram, wheat, and other vegetables. By promoting resource efficiency, this drone-based technology will also help firms meet their sustainability objectives.

Speaking the MoU signing ceremony, Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, of Garuda Aerospace said “As we embark into a new year and a new journey, Garuda Aerospace is extremely excited to collaborate with Rallis India Limited. The partnership will demonstrate end-to-end drone service solutions to farmers and channel partners. This shall also make Agri operations convenient for Drone pilots to conduct better demonstrations for the farmers. We seek to make farmers Atamanirbhar and create employment opportunities for them. Garuda is known to provide low-cost Drone-based solutions, as well as related software and analytical tools, to help businesses boost productivity and cut expenses.”

On the occasion, S Nagarajan, Chief Operating Officer, Rallis India said, “With the technology revolution up on us, we are moving towards a tech-adapted environment rapidly. At Rallis India, we have initiated trials and experiments of our product approvals for label expansion for drone spray. It would be an emerging segment for the industry and we plan to emerge fast in this segment. This is being done in collaboration with service providers for drone application in the crop protection and crop nutrition sectors."

"In line with this approach, this collaboration is aimed at not only educating farmers and channel partners but also providing first-hand experience of the advantages of drone applications. We are continuously focused on making farming more resilient. We are certain that this collaboration will further augment this endeavor", he added.

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