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Gau Sewa, A Medium for Sinless Life

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Since the ancient times, Gau Sewa is considered to be most pious act that human being can do. Who would have thought this will become a reality.

Maharashtra government has launched a scheme in which by doing Gau Sewa prisoners can lead to a respectable life after their release. The Maharashtra prison department has initiated this scheme from its Amaravati correctional facility, where convicts will rear domestic cows and manufacture and market organic products like milk along with 'Panchgavya' and incense sticks using bovine products like cow dung, cow urine etc.

This will help the prisoners not to only lead a meaningful life after their release but also, provide them employment opportunities in organic manufacturing like insecticide, phenyl, Bio gas, vermicompost, dhoop, cow dung and cow urine.

Assistant commissioner Dr. Radhe Shayam Bahadur  stated that it will also create a psychological attachment in them and also bring more of their human side in front of general public, reduce the chance of recidivism and help in creating a positive environment so that the people do not see or treat them like ex-convicts or nuisance to a society. Similar decisions have also been taken by Haryana and Uttar Pradesh government for setting up of cow shelters in jails, which will help inmates to get profitable employment.

Brands like Patanjali and e-commerce websites like Vedic gif shops are promoting organic products, Ayurvedic medicines. They're buying these products directly from the farmers and farmers are getting good income because of the Indians, living abroad have great demand and the biggest buyers of these natural products.

Not only organic products but the fruits and vegetables or any other crop which farmers grow have been selling their products to e-commerce websites they do not have to pay the middlemen to sell their crops in the market which reduces their unnecessary burden to depend upon middlemen, which is the biggest reason for their increased income because now they do not have to pay the extra-price to middlemen.

These steps taken by various state government will not only improve the lives of prisoners but also give them better livelihood and employment opportunities.

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