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Get 40% Subsidy to Install Solar Panel on the Roof Top

M Kanika
M Kanika
Solar Panel on the Roof Top
Solar Panel on the Roof Top

The government is making continuous efforts to promote solar energy across the country. Under this, solar pumps are being provided to the farmers on subsidy that helps them save lot of money spent on electricity bill. At the same time, the government wants people all over the country to use solar energy that will protect the environment too.

About Solar Panel

The Government of India is emphasizing on the maximum use of renewable energy. The focus of the government is on solar energy. For this, the solar panels are installed on the roofs of the houses and subsidy is given by the government so that the common person can also get the benefit of solar energy. The advantage of solar energy is that you don’t have to pay electricity bill.

By spending once, you can take the advantage of it for years. In this sequence, subsidy on domestic solar panels is being provided by the Madhya Pradesh State Government. The rooftop scheme is being run by the state government. This scheme is being operated through the local power companies.

What is Solar Roof Top Scheme?

Grants are given by the government for solar panels under the green energy i.e. renewable energy. In this, there is a provision to provide 40% subsidy up to 3 kilowatts under the solar roof top scheme. Along with this, a subsidy of up to 20% is being given for 3 kW to 10 kW. The scheme is operated by the local power companies.

Why to Install Solar Panels on Rooftop

Solar Roof Top scheme has been launched by the Government of India. Through this scheme, consumers will get relief in electricity bill and can reduce their electricity bills by installing the solar panels at their homes. This will save money. Also the environment will not get harmed.

Making electricity from a power house is very expensive, as well as proves to be very harmful for the environment. In view of this, the solar energy is being promoted by the government. For this, the government is also making people aware.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Under the Solar Rooftop Scheme, you get many benefits by installing the solar panels on the rooftop of houses. Some of the benefits are as follows- 

  • Production of Eco-Friendly Electricity– Solar energy which is generated from the power of the sun. It produces the electricity from sunlight. So it is completely natural. The generated electricity does not cause any harm to the environment.

  • Get Electricity for Free- After installing the solar panels, you will not have to pay huge electricity bills every time. With the help of solar panels, you will get electricity for free, without any bills. Although it definitely costs more to install it once, but after that you can get free electricity for many years.

  • Lowering of Electricity Bill- As the electricity which will be available from these solar panels will be free. This will reduce the money of electricity bill. At the same time, if needed, you can also use electricity from Electricity Corporation. It will reduce the cost of your electricity bill as well.

  • It can be used for 25 years- You will be able to use the solar panels which will be provided to you on the subsidy for 25 years. Because they are very durable & last for a long time.

  • Complete the Cost in 5 years- You will have to recover the entire cost of installing solar panels within 5 years. After this, you will not have to spend a single penny on electricity. In this way you will get free electricity for the next 20 years. 

  • You can Generate & Sell Electricity- If you generate more electricity than the electricity you consume with the help of your solar panels, and then you can earn money by selling that extra electricity to the grid.

How much Subsidy will you get from government for Installing Solar Panel

  • If you want to install the solar panels on the roof, then 40% subsidy is given by the government for installing solar panels of 3 kW capacities.

  • If you want to install the solar panels for industrial use, then you can install solar panels ranging from 3 KW to 10 KW. There is a provision of giving a subsidy of up to 20% on this.

Cost of Solar Panels

  • 37 thousand per kWh above 1 kW up to 3 kW.

  • Above 3 kWh up to 100 kW Rs.39, 800 per kWh

  • 34, 900 per kWh from 100kW to 500 kW.

  • Note, If you are taking 3 kW solar panel, then you will get 40% subsidy on the total cost of 37000x3= Rs 111.000. On this you will have to pay Rs 66,600 only. 

How to apply for Solar Roof Top Scheme

  • You can apply offline by visiting your nearest electricity office.

  • If you want to get more information related to Solar Roof Top Scheme, then you can contact the helpline number via: 1800-180-3333.

  • Interested people of Madhya Pradesh can contact through the official website via: https://portal.mpcz.in/web/ or else you can also contact with the help of their toll free number:  1912.  

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