Globe meets again to discuss FUTURE of LIVESTOCKS

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The 10th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is going on in Berlin from 18-20, January 2018. The subject of the forum is "Shaping the Future of Livestock – sustainably, responsibly, efficiently”. During the GFFA there will be a Cooperation Market where associations, companies, universities and the BMEL will showcase their activities in the agri-food sector.

Specific aspects of the GFFA’s main theme will be explored in more detail in different event formats. The opening event in 2018 will outline the key issue and explain how it will be addressed by the various GFFA events.

This is the world’s largest conference of agriculture ministers with almost 90 ministers at the last conference.

The preliminary work for the main events is done on the preceding day in High Level Panels hosted by international organizations. In expert panel discussions hosted by various organizers, the main theme is discussed from specific topical and regional perspectives. This ensures that the GFFA is closely meshed with current scientific thinking.

Protein components are essential in livestock feed. Besides those which are produced locally such as feed from grassland, the cultivation and trade of soy and other legumes are vital to meet the demand of protein feed worldwide. The international production and consumption of protein feed is highly concentrated in few countries and regions.

North and South America are leading in soy cultivation, and they are facing a growing demand but also criticism for unsustainable agricultural practices and the use of genetically modified soy.

Countries in Europe and Asia are major importers which are dependent from imported protein components but at the same time enhance cultivation of soy and other legumes nationally as part of their sustainable agriculture strategies.

Recently Hungary and Germany have initiated the European Soy declaration which lines out approaches to be taken in Europe. The panel of experts brings together perspectives and experiences from different regions (Brazil, USA, India, Europe) and market situations to discuss the future trends and challenges in sustainable protein feed with respect to cultivation and responsible sourcing.

About GFFA :

The GFFA is an international conference that focuses on central questions concerning the future of the global agri-food industry. It gives representatives from the worlds of politics, business, science and civil society an opportunity to share ideas and enhance understanding on a selected topic of current agricultural policy.

GFFA is an annual event. It is held during International Green Week (IGW) and will be taking place in its current shape for the eighth time. The GFFA is organised by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMEL) in cooperation with GFFA Berlin, the Senate of Berlin and Messe Berlin GmbH.


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