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Golu-2, the Rs 10 Crore Murrah Buffalo, Steals the Show at Bihar's Dairy and Cattle Expo

With a monthly income of Rs 8 lakh and exceptional attributes, Golu-2 turned heads and attracted crowds from across the state at the three-day expo.

Ravisha Poddar
Golu-2, the giant murrah breed buffalo

The three-day Dairy and Cattle Expo, held at the playground of Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU) in Patna from December 21-23, was inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The expo was full of new announcements and attractions, but the star of the show was Golu-2, a six-year-old Murrah breed buffalo from Panipat, Haryana. Valued at an astonishing Rs 10 crore, this hefty buffalo became a social media sensation, drawing crowds from across the state eager to catch a glimpse of this marvel.

Owned by farmer Narendra Singh, Golu-2 boasts a jaw-dropping monthly income of Rs 8 lakh, credited to its exceptional traits. Maintaining this prized possession requires a diet regimen comprising 30 kilograms of green fodder, eight kilograms of jaggery, and dry fodder, supplemented with fruits and dry fruits. Additionally, the buffalo consumes a daily quota of ten liters of milk to sustain its robust physique.

Weighing an impressive 15 quintals and measuring five and a half feet tall by three feet wide, Golu-2 leads a life of luxury, accompanied by a dedicated team catering to its needs. Singh spends an estimated Rs 30,000 to 35,000 monthly solely on Golu-2's dietary requirements, which include daily mustard oil massages and air-conditioned living space.

Accompanied by Ajit, Singh's companion, the buffalo was brought from Panipat to Patna as a showcase for fellow cattle breeders, fulfilling a request from the Bihar government. Praveen Fauji of Haryana vouched for the uniqueness of Golu-2, highlighting its lineage and prolific offspring, totaling over 30,000 descendants. Golu-2's pedigree traces back to its famed predecessors PC 483 and Rani, the latter known for yielding an impressive 26 liters of milk daily.

In addition to Golu-2, the event saw the launch of five dairy plants of COMFED, including five new products such as sweets, namkeen, biscuits, bread, and drinking water (Sudha Salil). The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone for Sudha's Cafeteria, which will be erected in the COMFED office premises, amongst other announcements.

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