GOOD NEWS- UP Farmers to get 70% Subsidy on Solar Pumps

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

In a movement to promote farm activities using solar power mostly in the rural areas, the Central, as well as State Government, is providing subsidy on solar pumps to farmers. Now the Uttar Pradesh government has come forward in this regard. 

The Uttar Pradesh government will give 10,000 solar pumps for irrigation purpose to farmers at up to 70 percent subsidy. This subsidy will be provided to farmers on a first come-first serve basis in this financial year. 

According to the State Agriculture Minister, Surya Pratap Shahi, “Under the solar pump voltaic irrigation pump scheme, the state would provide financial assistance of Rs 50,820 for direct current pumps having capacity of upto two horse power (HP), whereas, pumps with capacity of two to five HP will get Rs 80,996.” 

He further added, “In the case of AC pumps, the government subsidy is fixed at Rs 51,840 for pumps with power of up to two HP and at Rs 77,700 on pumps with power between 2-5 HP. 

Though the Farmers will have to register in the agriculture department portal by submitting bank draft bearing their share amount from 15 November to 10 December and will get the benefit of first come-first serve system of the scheme. 
Small and marginal farmers are largely expected to take 70% subsidy on 2-3 HP solar pumps and farmers having landholding between 10-15 acres will go for 5 HP pumps having 40 percent subsidy. 

Objectives of the scheme

  1. To reduce the cost of irrigation. 

  2. To remove the problem of sources of energy like coal, petrol, diesel and power breakdown

  3. Conservation of the environment.

  4. Availability of trusted and problem free irrigation source. 

  5. To reduce the subsidy burden on power distribution and generation companies that can improve their profitability. 

  6. As solar powered pumps can be operated during the daytime, farmers do not have to work late in the night. 

  7. It is a boon to farmers who have not been able to get an electricity connection. 

  8. They are decentralized energy projects that allow the distribution companies to provide energy at the point of consumption without the transmission and distribution losses. 

Some Interesting Facts

  1. The work of setting up of solar photovoltaic irrigation pump was started in the year   2013-14. In this year 900 solar pumps were set up. 

  2. In the year 2015-16, the total number of solar pumps to be set up was 3525.  

   3. In 2014-15, due to some problem, solar photo voltaic pump could not be set up. 

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