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Governor of Goa Honors ICAR-CCARI Cashew Farmer with Best Farmer Award 2024

Angelo Barreto, an organic cashew farmer from Goa, received the prestigious Best Farmer Award 2024 for his innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Shivam Dwivedi
Governor of Goa Honors ICAR-CCARI Cashew Farmer- 'Angelo Barreto' with Best Farmer Award 2024 (Image Courtesy: Live News Goa)
Governor of Goa Honors ICAR-CCARI Cashew Farmer- 'Angelo Barreto' with Best Farmer Award 2024 (Image Courtesy: Live News Goa)

In a ceremony held on June 14 at Raj Bhavan, Goa, Angelo Barreto, an organic cashew farmer from Curtorim, Salcete, Goa was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Best Farmer Award - 2024.’ The award was presented by the Governor of Goa, P. S. Sreedharan Pillai, in the presence of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. The award ceremony took place during the two-day National Conference on Cashew titled ‘Sustainable Cashew Production: Challenges and Opportunities’ held from June 14-15, 2024.

The Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development (DCCD), Kochi, Government of India, recognized Barreto's contributions to organic cashew farming and his innovative agricultural practices. Esteemed personalities such as Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Horticulture Commissioner, Government of India, Dr. Femina, Director, DCCD, Kochi, and Dr. Parveen Kumar, Director, ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-CCARI), Goa, were present to honor Barreto’s achievements.

Angelo Barreto's journey into advanced cashew farming began under the guidance of cashew scientists from ICAR-CCARI. Transitioning from traditional local varieties to improved strains, Barreto initially received planting material for Goa Cashew-1, followed by Goa Cashew-4, and eventually Goa-11/6 (Bhaskara). His farming techniques include in-situ soil and water conservation, effective weed management, and the innovative recycling of cashew apple waste into compost. These sustainable practices not only enhance productivity but also promote environmental health.

In addition to producing cashew nuts, Barreto is known for his substantial production of cashew apple products. Each season, he produces approximately 300 liters of niro, 2,500 liters of urraca, and 800 liters of feni. His contributions extend beyond his farm as he supplies elite germplasm to the line department and educates fellow farmers, serving as a resource person and role model in the agricultural community.

Recognizing his exceptional farming methods and community contributions, ICAR-CCARI documented Barreto’s success story and recommended him for the Best Farmer Award 2024 by DCCD, Government of India. His dedication to sustainable farming and innovative techniques has set a benchmark in organic cashew farming, inspiring many in the agricultural sector.

Barreto's award underscores the significance of sustainable agricultural practices and the potential of organic farming to yield both economic and environmental benefits. As the cashew industry faces challenges and seeks opportunities for growth, farmers like Angelo Barreto exemplify the path forward through innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.

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