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Gramophone App has an answer for every question of farmers

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Information technology has changed a lot in the world. There is a flood of facilities available in every field through the mobile phone. Yet, so far no proper or Visionary effort has been made to resolve the farmers’ agriculture-related problems through this medium. A precise attempt in this direction made only for the farmers is, a mobile app Gramophone. This app has been working with the farmers to solve their problems so that they can get rid of their farming-related issues immediately during the complete crop cycle and experts’ advice is available to them as well.

The most powerful aspect of this app is its use! The company also has a toll-free number (18001236566) on which the farmers can give a missed call.  Agricultural experts of Gramophone call the farmers on their mobile phone, solve their problems, and give them correct advice on farming. The farmers are also advised on all the products related to farming (medicines & pesticides) enabling them to increase their crop production. Gramophone also has a facility through which farmers can order best quality seeds, pesticides and fertilizers and get a home delivery of products. Farmers use both the missed call and Gramophone App to order products. On the community facility available on the App, the farmers can contact experts or other farmers. This facility is also capable of allowing the farmers to talk directly to the experts and solving the problems of pests and diseases.


Gramophone was conceptualized by IIT- engineers Nishant Vats, Tauseef Khan, Harshit Gupta and Ashish Singh.  They have also done MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Together they started working on it in June 2016. They have worked extensively in the field of agriculture and understand how the farmer can improve production by right technology for the 140 Mn farmers in India!

Generally, the farmer is always worried for the solutions to his problems because there is nobody around him who can provide correct answers to the problems related to  agriculture. Gramophone App has solutions to all agri input related queries of the farmers. Generally, the questions related to farming are of such kind! How is it possible to talk to experts about farming-related issues? Which pesticide, and in what dose will protect his crop? From where will he get the correct information about nutrition for his crop? How can I get more yield from my land? From where will good quality seeds, drugs and pesticides be available? Will he get a proper bill for the purchase of medicines and pesticides?

Can the agricultural medicines, pesticides be made available to him without going to the market? Who will give him reliable information on market rates and weather? Gramophone is trying to provide answers to farmers queries and helping improve their productivity.

Give a missed call on toll free no. 18001236566 and know the solution to your agriculture-related problems

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