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Hailstorms are associated with regular thunderstorms, and are typically localized events; however, hailstorms can cover wide swaths of land. Thunderstorms form when air heats up during the day, rising (because it is lighter) and then cools; the moisture within the air condenses to form clouds. Sometimes condensed water within thunderclouds will become super cooled (cooled to below the point of freezing, without freezing) in the strong updraft winds that are common in thunderheads. Updrafts can keep the suspended moisture from falling. Once the super cooled moisture contacts something to form around (such as dust, ice crystals, etc), a hailstone will be formed. Once the hailstones are too heavy to be held up by the winds, they will fall. The size of the hailstone will be determined by the amount of moisture and the strength of the updrafts. The overall effect of hail damage will depend on the size of the hail, the duration of the hailstorm and the type and growth stage of crop. Generally, the earlier the damage occurs, the greater potential for re-growth. Yield and product quality will generally be reduced.

Using netting to protect the  crops from bird predation, insects, or hail damage is the most effective and environmentally responsible method for reducing crop damage or loss. Using crop protection netting will result in a huge return on your investment through increased crop yield and allowing fruit and berries to reach their optimum ripeness and sugar contents. In many cases, your amortization costs are recovered in the first year of use. Using proper handling or installation practices you can expect about ten years of life on your netting. There are many types of UV inhibitors and these will affect the longevity of your netting.  UV inhibitors are of the highest quality, and manufactured in Europe.

The German Integrated zipper system saves time and labor costs. The CMG Ideas Factory has launched an innovative and, above all, cost saving hail protection net for fruit cultivation. The modern system with integrated zipper allows quick opening and closing of the nets, so it takes only about 25 to 35 minutes to protect one hectare. According to the test results, the zipper system closes three times as fast compared to the conventional nets. In addition, for a whole row of trees only two security points are sufficient; at the beginning and at the end of the net. That means about 114 points instead of the traditional 2,200 per hectare. This leads to both great savings in time and costs for fruit growers. Long-term security

The longevity of the fastening system suffers from the load distribution due to hail or snow, as does the security of the protection system. Thanks to this new solution, however, an even load distribution and thus long-term security is acquired. In addition, emptying of the nets can be carried out at any time and above all in a simple and secure manner. The use of lifting machinery is greatly reduced. Since CMG does not use reflective materials, it is child's play to open the hail protection nets to acquire the desired sunshine hours for the apples. As a secondary benefit of this product, protection of the fruit against birds and insects is also guaranteed.

The materials of the CMG hail protection nets are innovative and above all stable. From the first installation of the nets, the fruit grower saves a lot of time and money. In addition, there are also savings in the cost of lifts and mobile machines. The simple system allows the grower to close the hail protection nets himself, without any additional specialized personnel. Useful product design. The CMG Ideas Factory is located in the heart of the fruit growing region of South Tyrol and is focused completely on agricultural solutions. In addition to the hail protection nets, the company also deals in solutions against wildlife interference, frost and intense sunlight, scatter damage, labor costs, snowfall and insect infestation. Thanks to a solid cooperation with specialized, licensed distribution partners, these modern protective solutions are now available throughout Europe.

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