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Haryana Farmers Set to March to Delhi on February 13 Against MSP Rules

Farmers from Punjab and Haryana will be visiting the national capital on February 13 to protest against the minimum support price (MSP). Farmers have been demanding a law guaranteeing MSP.

Aysha Anam
Representational image (Photo Courtesy: Unsplash)
Representational image (Photo Courtesy: Unsplash)

In a resolute stand for their rights, farmers from Punjab and Haryana are orchestrating a series of impactful tractor marches to highlight their pressing needs amid the recent changes in the law governing minimum support prices (MSP).

On February 13, a significant number of farmers from these states will converge on the national capital to stage a compelling protest against the existing MSP regulations, pressing for the enactment of a comprehensive law guaranteeing MSP.

Leading up to this pivotal event, farmers in Punjab and Haryana have been actively conducting tractor marches throughout the region. The well-organized schedule includes stops at Cheeka in Kaithal district on February 1, Kurukshetra on February 2, Mohali and Patiala on February 3, Pijore of Panchkula on February 4, and Bilaspur of Yamunanagar on February 5.

This strategic plan not only aims to mobilize farmers but also seeks to create awareness about their fundamental rights. Farmer groups have diligently released a schedule, enabling fellow farmers to join in, fostering a collective spirit.

In anticipation of the main march on February 13 in Delhi, groups of farmers have been proactively arranging meetings with their counterparts from various regions. These sessions are geared towards enlightening farmers about their rights and the shared struggle, ensuring a unified and informed front as they march together for justice and the assurance of a fair minimum support price."

Groups of farmers have been arranging meetings with farmers of different regions to make them aware ahead of the main march on February 13 in Delhi.

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