HiFoliar Nutrient powder from Warkem Biotech(leading plant nutrient manufacturer) is a blend of amino acids and minerals. Amino acids used in the manufacturing are extracted from vegetable sources. It is water soluble and biocompatible. It provides developing crops readymade source of amino acid. It can be used at any time during the development phase of crops. But it is recommended to be used when crops undergo physical or environmental stress, restarting new vegetative growth, pre and post-flowering and bulbing. It can also be used along with the majority of pesticides and growth regulators. 


How to use?
Suspend 300 gm of dehydrated HiFoliar Nutrient mixture in 10 litres water. 
Make up the volume to 100 litres by adding water
It is recommended to carry out spraying in early morning prior to sunrise or before suspend. 

hifoliar nutrient

When to use?
Plants undergoing physiological stress
Plants restarting vegetative growth
Pre and post fruit setting



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