ICAR, Amity University organize National Workshop on Vertical Farming

A-one day National Workshop on vertical farming was organized by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi in collaboration with the Amity University, Noida on 18 October.

As Horticulture is one of the most potential and upcoming sectors of Indian agriculture as it contributes significantly towards economic development, employment generation and sustainable management of agriculture and allied bio-resources. The wide variety of horticulture crops including fruits vegetables, ornamental, plantation, spices, root and tuber crops, mushroom, medicinal and aromatic crops contribute over 33% to agricultural GDP. The third advance estimate indicates that the production of horticulture crops is likely to touch 306.8 million tons from 25.2 million ha during 2017-18.

There has been growth at the rate 8.5% in fruits and 2.05% in horticultural production as compared to last five years and previous year’s period, respectively. This has been possible due to advanced research; science and technology-based production technology and supportive government policies. 

The Horticulture Science Division of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi has been instrumental in coordinating and monitoring Research and Development on a wide variety of horticulture crops through its 23 institutes/Directorates/National Research Centers, 11 All India Coordinated Research Projects and two All India Network Research Projects spread across the length and breadth of the country is spearheading R&D in horticulture crops. Emphasis is also being given on needful National and International cooperation on advance research on various cutting-edge technologies in horticulture crops.

Identification and releases of several varieties with higher productivity, adaptability to diverse agro-climatic conditions and management systems have largely contributed to enhanced productivity of horticulture crops. Many technologies and product developed on crop production, protection and value addition have proved path-breaking with impact at the national level. The successful demonstration and commercialization of potential technologies has been largely helpful in enhancing productivity and thereby improving the income of farmers.

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