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ICAR-CSWRI Promotes Artificial Insemination and Wool Shearing for Sheep in Northern India

ICAR-CSWRI's workshop in Himachal Pradesh promoted artificial insemination and machine wool shearing to enhance the sheep sector in northern India.

KJ Staff
Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Chairman of the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board at ICAR-CSWRI ICAR-CSWRI Workshop (Photo Source: @ICAR-CSWRI/X)
Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Chairman of the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board at ICAR-CSWRI ICAR-CSWRI Workshop (Photo Source: @ICAR-CSWRI/X)

The ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute (CSWRI) organized a pivotal regional workshop last week focused on the promotion of artificial insemination and machine wool shearing for sheep in the northern temperate states of India. The event took place at the Northern Temperate Regional Station in Gadsa, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, bringing together key stakeholders in the livestock sector.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Chairman of the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, served as the chief guest. He lauded the institute's initiatives, which have significantly benefited livestock farmers. Dr. Kumar encouraged experts from animal husbandry departments and ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) to disseminate the innovative research and technologies developed by the institutes to farmers. He also urged researchers to think creatively and develop products tailored to the sector's demands.

Dr. Sujit Dutta, Joint Commissioner of the National Livestock Mission from the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, was the special guest at the event. He highlighted the practical utility of innovations and assured the inclusion of these models in large-scale breed improvement programs through artificial insemination.

Dr. Parvinder Sheoran, Director of ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, Zone-I, Ludhiana, emphasized the importance of collaboration between ICAR-CSWRI and ICAR-KVK experts. This partnership aims to validate and demonstrate new technologies effectively.

Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar, Director of ICAR-CSWRI, underscored the institute’s research efforts in strengthening the sheep sector in the northern temperate states. He highlighted the development and propagation of region-specific sheep and rabbit breeds as crucial components of their strategy.

The event also saw the release of various technologies and publications from the institute. With approximately 150 participants, including progressive farmers from Himachal Pradesh, the workshop provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and innovation in the livestock sector.

The collaborative efforts and shared knowledge at the workshop are expected to significantly impact the sheep farming community, driving advancements in artificial insemination and wool shearing practices across the northern temperate regions of India.

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