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IGATT signs MoU with Krishi Jagran for Betterment of Agriculture Sector

Krishi Jagran had a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony with Dr Ajay Jha, Founder and President of Institute for Global Agriculture & Technology Transfer.

Shruti Kandwal
Dr Ajay Jha with MC Dominic and Shiny Dominic at Krishi Jagran head office
Dr Ajay Jha with MC Dominic and Shiny Dominic at Krishi Jagran head office

Today, Krishi Jagran was honored with the presence of Dr Ajay K Jha, Founder and President of Institute for Global Agriculture & Technology Transfer, who has applied his 20 years of experience with rapid start-up venture growth and investment attraction using blended financing for the International Development.

He earned his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Delhi in India, as well as an MBA from Colorado State University (CSU). For the United States, Israel, India, Afghanistan, and Nepal, he established creative education, sustainable enterprise, and appropriate technology transfer.

Through this collaboration, both sides are looking forward to work together and contribute more towards the growth of agriculture sector, agri start-up businesses and international technologies for Indian Farming.

M C Dominic, Editor-in-chief of Krishi Jagran, started off the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony, “It’s always a celebration when we have the agricultural experts with us. I had been really blessed to say that A man who came from Kerala, not knowing the languages well, not knowing Delhi much. Then you get a man who is an expert and is well-experienced. And a person who has worked in foreign countries and in Israel Embassy. We feel very privileged and blessed to have them as our client.”

Dr Ajay Jha said, “I think one of the most important factor of life is you are willing to take risks. And that’s what Dominic has done. So, when somebody take a risk. We had many meetings together and he said someone has to be done and something to be worked on for the future. I started my career as an entrepreneur, as an advisor and started as a professor of entrepreneurship in US. I took a break off and I was thinking where I can solidify that synergy and energy. So, I find Dominic as one of the best.”

He further added, “I have a few things to address to the younger generation. One thing I will tell you that ever place we look around there is always something new happening. Keep your eyes and ears open and speak less. Because when you know more, you speak less. Take a risk while you are writing, designing or doing anything in media. Thank you so much Dominic for giving me this opportunity and I appreciate everyone here.”

The ceremony ended with both the sides signing the Memorandum of Understanding. This collaboration will further bring more exposure in the field of agriculture for Krishi Jagran. This and all the collaborations and opportunities Krishi Jagran had in the future is all thanks to the hard work and efforts of M C Dominic.

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