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IGNOU Launches MBA in Agribusiness Management to Empower Agricultural Professionals

IGNOU's new MBAABM program develops business experts to profitably manage agro-based enterprises and farm businesses over a two-year course, extendable to four years, open to graduates of any field.

Saurabh Shukla
IGNOU Launches MBA in Agribusiness Management to Empower Agricultural Professionals (Photo Source: IGNOU)
IGNOU Launches MBA in Agribusiness Management to Empower Agricultural Professionals (Photo Source: IGNOU)

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has announced the launch of a new distance education program: Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness Management (MBAABM). This initiative by the School of Agriculture aims to cultivate proficient business professionals to enhance the agricultural business sector and improve the economic conditions of farmers.

Newly introduced MBAABM program is designed to develop business experts capable of managing agro-based enterprises and farm businesses profitably. The program spans two years, with an option to extend up to four years for completion. Prospective candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply.

This program focuses on equipping students with managerial skills and need-based education to increase efficiency, profitability, and livelihood opportunities in the agriculture sector. This, in turn, aims to uplift the socioeconomic conditions of those involved in agribusiness.

Key objectives of the program include producing skilled business professionals for the agricultural, food, rural, and associated sectors, and fostering entrepreneurship and startups among farmers, intermediaries, and traders within the agribusiness value chain. The curriculum aims to provide these professionals with specialized managerial skills, enhance their proficiency in managing the techno-commercial aspects of agriculture, and impart knowledge essential for handling international trade, agricultural policies, and national development goals.

The target audience for the MBAABM program is broad, including recent graduates, progressive farmers, and agricultural extension agents. It also caters to managers, technicians, traders, and intermediaries in agro-industries and businesses dealing with agricultural inputs and outputs. Additionally, the curriculum is well-suited for new entrepreneurs, managers, market researchers, and personnel from governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in agriculture and related fields.

MBAABM program offers extensive courses designed to provide students with a diverse range of management and agribusiness skills. The curriculum includes a significant project work component and covers key areas such as agribusiness management and policy, project management, commodities trading, production and supply chain management, procurement, and materials management.

In-depth training will be provided on managing agricultural business operations, including horticulture production, livestock management, agri-equipment, post-harvest management, organic farming, renewable energy in agriculture, food safety and quality, and agricultural extension services. This comprehensive curriculum aims to establish a solid foundation and advanced knowledge in managing various aspects of agriculture.

IGNOU’s new MBA in Agribusiness Management program is a significant step towards empowering professionals in the agricultural sector, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth within the agribusiness industry.

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