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India will become a digital "Make in India". Government launched digital platform for ease of the farm export. This new launched will help us in agriculture and farmer incomes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech they will soon double the income of farmers and provide many facilities in the field of agriculture. The government has developed three online portals to make it easier to export farmer products from India and reduce transaction cost.

Commerce and industry minister, Suresh Prabhu said, "potential for agriculture and food export will get a great boost due to these digital initiatives. Promoting export is very important to help promote and protect the brand India". The digital platforms, developed by the export inspection council, have integrated the entire export food chain by linking primary production, chain catch, aquaculture pond, dairy farm and apiaries.

Processing unit, test laboratories, official control and export will have complete traceability. One lab one assessment portal provides unified export to all stakeholder like accreditation body, regulators and laboratories by bringing them together on a common platform to aid simplified procedures. To enhance the countries analytical capability, the council has provided accreditation proficiency test (PT) at Mumbai , Kolkata and Chennai by reducing the dependency of foreign PT. The Export alert monitoring portal monitors non companies raised by importing countries.       

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