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'Indian Innovations Can Transform Kenya's Agriculture Landscape': Isaac Mariera from Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kenya

Isaac Mainye Mariera gracing his presence at Krishi Jagran's first Chaupal of 2024. From getting inspired by Indian agricultural innovation to promising Kenya's active participation in MFOI 2024, let's deep dive into what Mariera said during the session

Ravisha Poddar
Isaac Mainye Mariera, Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya County Government
Isaac Mainye Mariera, Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya County Government

KJ Chaupal of Krishi Jagran 2024 kicked off with fervor, featuring Isaac Mainye Mariera, Director, Environment County Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kenya. Mr Mariera, a seasoned agricultural professional, shared insights gleaned from his extensive travels across India, expressing a keen interest in implementing traditional farmer cluster formations in Kenya.

Mariera's Agricultural Journey

Isaac Mainye Mariera, a graduate in Agricultural Sciences with a master's degree in Genetics, took center stage at Krishi Jagran's Delhi headquarters. Amidst anecdotes from his agricultural experiences in India, Mr Mariera visited the Krishi Jagran office, engaging with the entire team. His commitment to both academia and the field, showcased by his ongoing Ph.D. research, reflects a dedicated pursuit of knowledge amid his demanding role.

Welcome Note and Acknowledgments

MC Dominic, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran, set the tone with a warm welcome, highlighting Mariera's commitment to bridging agricultural gaps between India and Kenya. Mr Dominic praised Mr Mariera as a symbol of the evolving global agricultural landscape, anticipating Kenya's crucial role in the upcoming Millionaire Farmers of India Awards 2024.

Mariera's Decades-Long Dedication to Agriculture

Mr Mariera commenced his keynote address by acknowledging the hospitality at Krishi Jagran, expressing a sense of being at home. With over two decades in agriculture, including a decade as a lecturer in Nairobi, Mr Mariera emphasized his dedicated 15 years of service in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Insights from India

Having visited multiple regions in India, Mr Mariera expressed admiration for the diverse agricultural innovations encountered in Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, and southern India. His purpose in visiting India, he explained, was to glean insights into different agricultural avenues, recognizing the wealth of knowledge to be brought back to Kenya. He said " I have visited a lot of places in India and I must say there is a lot to learn from here and take it back to my country. While each have their uniqueness they are bonded together to lead the country in the agricultural landscape."

A Commitment to Knowledge Transfer

Mr Mariera outlined his plan to compile his Indian experiences into a comprehensive presentation, intending to present it as a policy paper to his minister and fellow forum members in Kenya. Emphasizing Kenya's GDP dependence on agricultural activities and its pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2) (Zero Hunger), Mr Mariera aims to achieve food security and surplus for increased exports.

Partnership with Krishi Jagran

Expressing excitement about collaborating with Krishi Jagran, Mr Mariera looks forward to connecting with Indian farmers, whom he refers to as the real heroes. Envisioning a network of farmers transcending borders, he aims to maximize exposure for Kenyan farmers through shared learning.

A Call for Innovation Adoption

During the Q&A session, Mr Mariera praised India's agricultural innovation, he said "If it was one thing that I would like to take back, it will be the agricultural innovation." He also expressed a desire to replicate similar practices in Kenya. Notably, he highlighted the effectiveness of group farming activities supported by the Kenyan government, emphasizing the collective efforts of farmers wit similar interests to achieve optimal outcomes.

Isaac Mainye Mariera's presence at KJ Chaupal 2024 marked a pivotal moment in the convergence of Indian and Kenyan agricultural visions. As the dialogue continues, the potential for transformative collaborations between these nations in the realm of agriculture becomes increasingly promising.

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