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International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Crop Science

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Agriculture is the science, art and business of farming and ranching. It is one of the oldest human occupations which is practiced all over the world, using techniques from traditional methods to advanced. Since the Pre-historic of Neolithic age, agriculture has been one of the significant earnings of producing food for human consumption.

The International Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Crop Science 2017 is to be organized on 09 October in New Delhi, India which shall be organized by Clyto Access in Hyatt Regency, Gurugram.

The general theme of Agri-Conference-2017 is “Evolutionary Considerations of Agriculture and Crop science”, covering a broad spectrum of topics in Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture, Forestry, Soil Science and Chemistry, Plant Science and Crop Production, Plant Pathology, Agriculture Engineering and Technology, Agriculture Bio-Technology, Agriculture Genetics, Agriculture Economics, Health and Nutrition, Agriculture Extension, Advanced Agriculture Marketing and related areas.

Agriculture is the premise of all human advancement. It is everything from the nourishment we eat to the clothes we wear. Agriculture shapes a large number of the customs and qualities that this nation is based on. Horticulture is the key improvement in the ascent of stationary human progress, whereby cultivation of trained species made sustenance surpluses that sustained the advancement of development. The historical backdrop of agri-business goes back to a large number of years and its improvement has been driven and characterized by extraordinary atmospheres, societies and innovations.

Today more and more technologies are being developed for the production of a large variety of crops. Two major problems of agriculture are the loss of agricultural land and the decrease in the varieties of crops. In this Conference, we will explore these problems and how they influence the future of food production. The Conference will share information, experience and skill in a soul of neutrality, impartiality and autonomy.

The conference mainly focuses on recent advances in Agriculture Engineering and Technology, Advanced Agriculture Marketing, Plant Science and Crop Production, Agriculture Bio-Technology, Agriculture Genetics, Agriculture Economics, Plant Pathology, Forestry, Entomology, Soil Science and Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Agronomy and Horticulture. The interested from the following can contact the organizers to participate:

Agricultural Colleges/Universities; Plant Science Researchers/Faculty; Horticulture and Landscaping; Plant and Agriculture Associations and Societies; Manufacturing Agricultural Devices Companies; R&D Laboratories; Plant Science or Agricultural Students, Scientists; Business Entrepreneurs; and Training Institutes.

The interested may like to contact for registration: Rajani Siddaraju, Business Development Manager, Clyto Access (APAC Operations) to agriconference@clytoaccess.com and Roopa G,
Project Coordinator- AGRI Conference- 2017,Clyto Access Inc.(APAC Operations) Phones :
INDIA - 91-9886487904, USA   - 1-619-471-1648 

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