IP Garden - online solution for harvesting, cultivation of fruits & vegetables

As the new generation of the farming community is not showing much interest in cultivation or farming! IP Garden can be the best solution for them. It is actually an online solution for harvesting and cultivation of fruits and vegetables without going in the field and no mud slugging, no dirty hands and even no watering. Yes, it is possible with the "IP Garden". 

The IPGardener named Martin Kruszka had made it possible. Only internet.  Everything is done conveniently through a computer, tablet or smartphone. The whole operation is as easy as a computer game. 

For the first time, digital and analog gardening have been fused. Existing monitoring and control technologies have been combined in a new and innovative way. As a result, IPgardeners can not only take an observer role via live webcam, but they can also, and should, participate directly in the production process through digital remote control. 

How does this system work? Interested parties lease a 16 square meter plot in a field outside, on the land. The online gardeners determine which vegetables to grow, when to fertilize and when to plant radishes, lettuce or kohlrabi.  

The technical heart of an IPGarten parcel is the multifunctional IP mast. The mast is equipped with a mini-computer and relay for the opening and closing of valves for the regulation of the water supply, for the control of the cameras, for the sensors for the collection of data on the soil condition and for the state of growth of the plants, and for other functions. 

The IP Garten pushes the envelope as a new trendsetter in Online Gardening, a form of garden management that does not yet really fully exist. The basic concept of the IP Garten differs substantially and unambiguously from previously marketed remote, digital gardening offers. And through the mobilization of numerous IP gardeners and small farmers, additional IP gardening spaces can be made available, and the acceptance of digital gardening and organic vegetable cultivation can be increased. 

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