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Is it that New Generation of Farmers only Use New Technology

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Farm Management and Farming is the traditional way of growing crops  from the aegis. Be it in India or the World of Agriculture Community.

There is often the misconception, that only younger growers are open to using new technologies. What is true is that a majority of the users of the farm management software are between 25 and 35, but it is important not to ignore the remaining 50 percent who are over the age of 35.

The actual data clearly shows that our prejudices and assumptions that FMS is being used only by young farmers are very wrong. In the last four years being on the agriculture technology market, one of our major findings was that users of FMS are professional farmers, irrespective of age.

It is incredible to see that 60 year old farmers who are true farm businessmen and how easily they use FMS. On the other hand we see a young generation of farmers' recording their activities on the go with a mobile app and farmers across 150 countries with various GDP and how they use the software to improve their farm profitability. The farm management software provided by the UK based AgTech company, with Croatian roots, helps farmers plan, monitor and analyze all activities on their farm easily. Tillage, planting, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed from one central place. Plus, it provides the possibility to track input usage quantities, costs and work hours for every activity. 

The software is available as a web and mobile application, intended to help farmers manage all their farm activities and resources easily, without messy paperwork. 

"The only criteria is that FMS users are predominantly professional growers, those who make a living from agriculture, those who have enough incentive to improve," Zulj continues.

"Agrivi is not only oriented towards growers, it provides tailor-made solutions for various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain—agricultural cooperatives, distributors of agricultural inputs, food sourcing companies, retail chains, banks, telecoms, NGOs, governments and all other parties looking to automate their data collection and achieve sustainable agricultural production in their network of growers."

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