Is it the High Time to Renew Focus on Agriculture Courses !

Admission in the educational and the professional courses is on. Colleges are putting up the cut off list for admission. Students with their percentage mark sheets are aspiring to take admission in  their choice of subjects. How many are thinking of becoming Agriculture Scientists.!

Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) said food safety and nutritional security were global challenges owing to reasons like population explosion and climate change.

Opportunities to study agricultural science are available only with constituent colleges of KAU, and it is the sole institution providing human resources, skills, and technology required for the sustainable development of agriculture, agricultural engineering, horticulture, and forestry.

The university offers graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D Programmes in agriculture, co-operation and banking, forestry, agricultural engineering, and food engineering.

Higher secondary students from the science stream hardly look towards career opportunities in agriculture and related courses. However, the fact remains that courses in the field are unique.

While admission to B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture, B.Sc (Hons) Forestry, B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering) and B.Tech (Food Engineering) are based on State entrance examinations, separate entrance tests are conducted by the university for cooperation and banking courses.

Admissions to two five-year M.Sc integrated courses in biotechnology and climate change also have separate entrance examinations. Visit for details.

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