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Join Gyanendra Shukla of JK Agri Genetics in a LIVE talk on ‘Covid 19 & its Impact on Farmers’ Only on Krishi Jagran’s Facebook Page

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

In Krishi Jagran Facebook Live Series, we bring to you some remarkable personalities from the agriculture industry and discuss some of the most important issues that the Indian agriculture industry is facing during the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. The daily analysis by these global personalities is to give you an insight about the ever evolving Indian agriculture sector and some substantial changes it is bound to witness during the pandemic.

While the whole nation is in a situation of lockdown and many sectors of the economy are being shut down, the agriculture industry is among those frontliners that is working even harder to save the nation during the COVID-19. To help aid the farmers of the nation, the impact of this pandemic is required to be analyzed thoroughly.

In this direction, Dr. Gyanendra Shukla, President & Director (CEO) of JK Agri Genetics Ltd, will join us for a Facebook Live Session on 11th May 2020 at 4pm, where he will be speaking about JK Agri Seeds’ efforts for farmers in this situation and measures to be adopted for better profitability.

About JK Agri Genetics Ltd

JK Agri Genetics Ltd (JKAL), is a leading seed company established in 1989 with its headquarters at Hyderabad, Telangana (India). Being one of the pioneers in the Indian seed industry committed to serving the farming community, the company is engaged in research & development, production, processing, and marketing of: Cotton, Maize, Paddy, Pearl Millet, Sorghum, Mustard, Wheat, Sorghum & Sorghum Sudan Grass seeds. The company is involved in the vegetable seeds business, which includes crops like Tomato, Okra, Chilies, Brinjal, and several other key vegetables. In addition to India, the company has expanded business operations to some African and South Asian countries.

Stay tuned to Krishi Jagran’s Facebook page to meet Dr Gyanendra Shukla on 11th May 2020 from 4pm onwards.  

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