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Karnataka Aims to Become First State to Double Farmer’s Income

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa

Government of Karnataka is aiming to become first state to double income of farmers by 2023-24. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that the Karnataka government is going to constitute a committee to prepare a report in this regard.

The government is also planning to establish a ‘secondary agriculture directorate’ whose aim is to focus on agro products and food processing.

Bommai said, “We had a detailed discussion on the report submitted by the Centre. Karnataka has taken a keen interest in doubling the farmers' income” and added that the Karnataka government was engaged in this planning to ensure that Karnataka becomes the first state to double income of famers by 2023-24.

The committee would consist of farmers of the state and they will be in touch of Central government officials to prepare a comprehensive Karnataka specific report on income of farmers and that report will be implemented by the state itself, said Bommai.


The CM further added that another committee was being constituted under Agriculture Minister BC Patil. The purpose of this committee was to focus on seeds, pest, fertilizer management and improving the fertility of the soil with the help of Agriculture Universities.

On the other hand, a special task force would also be constituted with regards to processing of food and all farm products which include horticulture, agriculture, sericulture, dairy, fishery, animal and these all would be called secondary agriculture directorate.

PM Narendra Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income:

In 2016, the government led by Prime Minister Modi said that farmers’ incomes would be doubled by 2022. It was meant to convey an ambitious target. Prime Minister Modi's vision of doubling farmers' incomes by 2022 can be seen in the government's various initiatives.

If the income earned by the farmer is doubled then he/she will able to use better farm machinery, and advanced technologies for farming that will further boost productivity.

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