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Karwa Chauth 2020: What is Sargi & Why is it Important during Karwa Chauth Fast

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap

The festival of Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 4 in India. On this day, married women fast for their husband's longevity and healthy life.  

Every year, this fast falls on the Chaturthi of Kartik month - Krishna Paksha. This festival is known to strengthen the sacred relationship between husband and wife. 

Importance of Sargi

Some traditions are an essential part of this festival. Sargi is also one of them. A plate of sargi food is a love and affection which the mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law. Karwa observes fast on Karwa Chauth only after accepting Sargi as Prasad. 

If there is no mother-in-law in the house, then Jethani or elder sister or any elderly woman gives it. The main purpose of eating Sargi is to maintain energy in the body throughout the day. 

Married women, to ensure their husband's good life, rise before sunrise and eat what is called Sargi at dawn and this is actually a traditional meal, a thali or an assortment of different food items that women receive from their mothers-in-law. 

The mother-in-law prepares a thali, or Sargi, for her daughter-in-law to bless her on this auspicious day and bestows upon her good wishes so she can undergo the fast successfully. The woman observing the fast will then have to carry on with food or water the rest of the day and a sargi is the only thing that gets her going. An ideal sargi is a thali that consists of sweets and savouries and it should also include dry fruits, coconuts, vermicelli, and fruits. They also receive gifts of saris and jewellery thereon. 

Sargi mainly include sweets, mathrissevaiyan or firni, dry fruits, coconut, puri or parathas, kadhi and a glass of juice or coconut water. Fruits are digested very quickly but they are necessary for nutritional and energy required in a short time. 

Take green vegetable and salad with roti, it will also supply nutrition along with giving energy throughout the day. 

Long live your life, every birth we get with a couple ... You will meet me like a love, with you is like the world ... Only your relationship is like a beautiful feeling ... If you get a glimpse, then this fast becomes successful… Happy Karwa Chauth 2020!! 

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