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Kolkata Monsoon Delayed, Relief Expected Next Week

While Mumbai has already received its customary monsoon showers, Kolkata continues to wait. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts the monsoon's arrival in Kolkata after June 15th, marking a delay from the usual timeframe around June 10th.

KJ Staff
Kolkata Monsoon Delayed, Relief Expected Next Week (Photo Source: Unsplash)
Kolkata Monsoon Delayed, Relief Expected Next Week (Photo Source: Unsplash)

Cyclone Remal is said to be the reason behind the delay in the monsoon in Kolkata. It caused the monsoon to surge over Northeast India but bypassed Kolkata despite activity in Bangladesh for nearly two weeks.

There is no respite from the heatwave gripping several parts of India, with red alerts issued for Bihar, East Uttar Pradesh, and West Uttar Pradesh. While Kolkata avoids a red alert, it will still face heatwave conditions alongside several other states like Delhi, Haryana, and Odisha.

However, there is a certain ray of hope on the horizon. A cyclonic circulation near the Myanmar coast is expected to weaken and bring scattered monsoon rains to southern parts of West Bengal, possibly starting around June 16th. Unlike Mumbai's dramatic monsoon arrival, Kolkata's is likely to be a gradual one, with rainfall intensity picking up around June 20th.

Meanwhile, the IMD predicts heavy rainfall over parts of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. The good news for monsoon-parched Kolkata is that the weakened cyclonic circulation might finally nudge the monsoon toward the city, bringing much-needed relief in the coming week.

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