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Krishi Jagran FB LIVE: A talk on ‘Cow Based Sustainable Agriculture is not a Myth’ with Sunil Mansinghka Live at 4:30 PM

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

How often do you come across farmers who are still holding on to the traditional farming techniques including employing cow in their farms? Not so often do we see this happening as farmers are now being exposed to revolutionary farming methods that modern-day scientists claim to better the yield by investing less time and effort. There’s no denying that the technology has paved the way for various advancements in the agriculture sector, but the aim to achieve sustainable agriculture can possibly be completed if we hold on to some traditional practices like employing cows in the farm.

In the technologically advanced world, cow based sustainable agriculture seems like a myth to many modern-age farmers. Hence, to bust the myth, Krishi Jagran, with its campaign ‘Krishi Jagran Facebook Live Series’, has collaborated with Mr. Sunil Mansinghka, Coordinator of Go-Vigyaan Anusandhan Kendra Deolapar, Nagpur. In today’s live session, Mr. Sunil Mansinghka will be sharing his insights into the topic ‘Cow Based Sustainable Agriculture is not a Myth’. Go-Vigyaan Anusandhan Kendra is a premier research organization in social sector dedicated to R&D on medicines, organic farming, renewal energy and rural development sector with a foundation on “panchgavya” which means most essential five items from the life cycle of a cow.

About Sunil Mansinghka

Born on October 24, 1964, Mr. Sunil Mansinghka completed his Diploma in Textile Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai in the year 1986. Even though he started with his career in textile technology in Mafatlal Mills, a fierce enthusiasm towards protecting the cow and its progeny had never left his trail. His devotion to the cause of development of the atmosphere and circumstances made him reinstate the pivotal position of the cow in the national economics.

He was always supported by his family in his endeavor in protecting cow. As he was devoted to his zeal to protect the cow, he was requested by national personalities to join the activities of Go-vigyan Anusandhar Kendra Deolapur. He joined the institution in the year 1999.

Under his leadership, the Panchgavya science got immense furtherance among the agriculture industry as the Kendra has supported strong R&D for product and processes in the sectors of organic farming and ayurvedic medicines.

Go Vigyaan Anusandhan Kendra is now a premier R&D organization in the field of Panchgavya supporting ayurvedic medicine, soil  health and nutrients and biorepellents for protection of the crops and renewable energy. The products developed by the Institute have outstanding impact in agro-economics and particularly prevention of deadly diseases that emerge from ye use of harmful chemicals in agro sector.

Stay tuned to Krishi Jagran’s Facebook page and watch Sunil Mansinghka LIVE on 2nd May 2020 from 4:30pm onwards. 

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