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Krishi Sanyantra Concludes with Focus on Empowering Farmers with Technology

It was the last day today of the Krishi Sanyantra Mela. And, certificates were distributed to the farmers for their work inspiring others so that they can also contribute to agriculture.

Shivangi Rai

The three-day event "Krishi Sanyantra Mela" was held in the Kuruda Field, Balasore district of Odisha from March 25 to March 27, 2023, where a large pool of farmers participated and received information related to agriculture including the new technologies.

Day 3 of Krishi Sanyantra Mela
Day 3 of Krishi Sanyantra Mela

Farmers, agricultural engineers, agricultural scientists, and agriculture officials from different parts of the state, especially from different places in Balasore, participated in this event to explore the latest agricultural technology and equipment. In today’s event, the agriculture and allied sectors of Odisha were encouraged along with the expansion of the agricultural sector of the Balasore district.

Farmers got certificates on the third day of Krishi Sanyantra Mela

From the first day of the Krishi Sanyantra Mela, farmer brothers, and women were honoured. Also, certificates were given to all the progressive farmers and exhibitors in today’s event so that other farmers of the state, including the general public, can also be encouraged and they can earn maximum profit from the advanced techniques of farming and register their name in the category of a successful farmer.

Prof. S.P. Nanda (Dean, MS Swaminathan School of Agriculture, CUTM, Gajapati) and Tapas Ranjan Pradhan (DDM NABARD, Balasore) participated as chief guests in today's event. Along with this, other dignitaries including The Founder of Krishi Jagran MC Dominic were also present at the event.

Also, in this event, the advanced knowledge and technology used in agriculture were discussed so that farmers can be more productive and prosperous. The aim of the event was to make farmers successful by grasping information related to new technologies and agriculture. So that they can get more yield in the future. The event also focussed on how farmers can get information about how and where farmers can sell their crops and how much profit they will earn.

About the Event

This three-day Krishi Sanyantra Mela was initiated by Krishi Jagran to bring the farmers of Odisha together and was started on March 25 and today is the last day of the event. From day one, this conference has been very popular among farmers.

More than 200 exhibitors including manufacturers, dealers, and distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment participated in the event and also shared their contribution to help farmers with new technology and other important information.

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